Day 13


Hi there.

What have I to say for myself?

I ran 10km in a marathon yesterday..

I passed that pesky learner’s test, so I can learn to drive. I wanted a motorcycle …but if it’s meant to be it’ll happen.

I asked my boyfriend a “who are you with” type question. I’m unnerved that I may be that girl. That person.

It’s nearing the end July. I haven’t done much writing… I’m applying for university again. Helping kids with homework. Smoking the occasional cigarette. Growing pretty buds in the back yard. Still at it with the worms.The weather’s turning. Warmer in the days. Halfway through reading the Lord of the Rings.

My skin is clearer, from washing it daily and the face brush 2x a week – still getting some breakouts though. Sleeping in a fair bit lately – I wake up and force myself to go back to bed.

I should get back on the writing bend. There’s something there if I follow through with it enough times. And I enjoy it very much.

Running in the mornings? How about making it a regular thing; I know I started doing it to prepare for the race but it’s so good to do and keep doing. A hobby for body and mind.

Progress with worms. Going to start planting carrots and tomatoes pretty soon. Potatoes and onions too.



Alright. Okay. That’s me done for now,


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