2 June 2017

That was how I began. A couple of days later, I visited a small farm on which all the plants are fed on worm poop. The proprietor encouraged me to go bigger! To take a plunge and give them more space to really grow and feed… and so


15 June 2017



16 June 2017


Nala one of our dogs, gave birth to a litter of 7 early this morning. Why is this relevant? Well, she chose to deposit herself and concomitant brood in a corner of my worm enclosure. Yes. She has commandeered my project as a nesting site. Me and Mine tried to force her to relocate by moving her puppies. But we’re chicken shits. We’re scared she’ll growl at us. Thinking about it, she’s probably too weak to move anyway. It’s fortunate, she’s only using one corner. I guess this is a test of resilience. Can they withstand the pressure for a few days? Find out on the next episode.

[she did move later in the day. she came in search of food – moved her puppies to the dog house and she moved in there]


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