Day 1

hello. my name is not important. perhaps it is, but that’s not what’s happening here. the online fortune teller told me to do something for my self alone. something that would help me grow. ┬áso i am starting a blog.

why a blog? no, really why a blog? why? because there’s a strange chasm growing beneath my feet and dark clouds gathering overhead and i fear they may try to take me. what i mean to say, is that the world i know is changing around me – my home as i know it. i am afraid you see? this change is scaring me. and all i feel is fear. so i’m going to take the magical route out of trouble. words are our most inexhaustible source of magic according to Michael Gambon/Dumbledore.

every good thing i’ve ever felt, i felt in my chest. every good idea. every good song. every good happiness. every good laugh. every good sadness. every good dream. every good thing. seeing myself here in type and i feel it is a good thing.

i’m talking to you now, from this day 1 i will share with you parts of myself. the parts of me that need to grow some. i want this to to grow too, so 30 days. for start.

chuckle. 30 non consecutive days

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